"There’s just nothing quite like Andrea Plamondon going for the big hooks in this record, and whether she’s being delicate with her delivery or trying to grapple with something a little more intense and demanding on the part of a vocalist, she always has a certain swagger that you can’t teach nor practice into existence, no matter how dedicated a performer you are (or just want to be). We’re listening to an artist who has a lot of ability, and she’s organizing that ability before our very ears in a record like Songs for Forever."  

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Only Eden is a pastoral art music film, which was shot with the original 16mm Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera near my videographers off grid ranch in Arizona. It depicts two solitary characters wandering in the wild, both of whom appear to be searching for something, but what that something is, is left up to the viewer to divine. Along the way the audience is treated to lush colors and expansive horizons. The title song speaks to how the world is not what it used to be, and was written and performed by Andrea Jean Plamondon and Connor Hutton, who has assisted Academy Award Winning directors Ridley Scott, Peter Pau and others.

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